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Services offered by HJC Engineering N.V.


Engineering Consulting

HJC engineering pledges to offer a mix of tried and tested engineering values combined with cutting edge techniques. We have offered our services to a wide and varied range of projects of varied scope.  

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Project Management & Coordination

Successful management of a building or engineering project requires an understanding of the client's objectives, detailed planning and a forward-looking approach to overcome the specific challenges that inevitably arise in each case. Our project managers have the experience, dedication and wealth of knowledge to enable projects to be completed on time, within budgeted cost and to the required quality standards. Included in the project management & coordination process are:

  • Quantity Measurement and Cost Estimating
  • Specifications and Contract Documents
  • Construction Administration
  • Quality Control

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Structural Design and Engineering

Structural engineering refers to the design of the fundamental structure of a building - its core. Careful and accurate structural engineering allows architects and designers room to build upon a solid core with innovative ideas, leading to design elegance and functionality.

State-of-the-art design tools are used to create designs backed by sound technical expertise. Creative designers deliver attractive, functional and innovative commercial and residential projects. We design with the future in mind.

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Planning and Advice

Our projects are based on solid understanding of realistic schedules, budgets, and all phases of the building process. We give you our best advice, based on years of experience.

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Construction Management

Many problems are inevitably encountered on construction projects, making it necessary to coordinate the efforts of many involved parties, including the owner, contractors, designer, utility companies, as well as other parties. The essential element required to coordinate these many entities is having the right personnel on the job. We take great care in developing our project teams, to ensure that project coordination is effective.

The aim of effective construction management is to integrate the design and construction phases of a project while keeping it on schedule and within budget, and ensuring a completed product of the highest quality. To ensure that all these project objectives are fully met, we utilize our engineering skill, experience, and knowledge of construction contracting to develop realistic and achievable schedules. We prepare accurate construction estimates, analyze alternative designs, study labor conditions and effectively coordinate the activities of the construction team.

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Quantity Surveying and Budgeting

Our role as quantity surveyors is to advise on cost and contractual arrangements and to prepare contract documents.

We coordinate with architects, other engineers and contractors to safeguard our client's interest. As independent experts we offer services in this specialized area of the construction industry having the necessary qualifications and experience to do so.

We comply with a strict code of professional conduct which includes responsibility to clients and to our profession with full regard to the public interest, so as to uphold the dignity and reputation of our profession and performing our duties in an efficient and competent manner with complete trust.

Services offered include:

Cost planning and estimating
• Budget formulation
• Cash flow projections
• Design stage cost control
• Contract documentation
• Contract assessments and reports
• Construction stage cost control
• Contractor payment certification

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